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By kind courtesy of the Pepper Marketing Board, Malaysia

Sarawak Pepper

A little insight into this cookbook, Sarawak Pepper flavours the World…

Did you know that Sarawak Pepper is amongst the best in this world in terms of quality, aroma and pungency? Neither did we. Wonderful cooking recipes that feature the use of pepper can be found in this informative and interesting Sarawak Pepper Cookbook, the first of its kind, we believe, in Malaysia.

The aim of this cookbook was to promote and popularise the use of Sarawak Pepper. Its production was jointly undertaken by the Pepper Marketing Board, Malaysia and Kuching Hilton in 1994. Local and international recipes were specially formulated by the chefs of Kuching Hilton.

Excerpt from the Message of Mr Wolfgang Maier, the General Manager, that gives you a peek at what went on behind the scenes ‘…Our Executive Chef, Gerhard Albrecht became busy creating and writing recipes that prominently featured Sarawak Pepper. A Hilton suite was converted to a photo studio. A task force was established to source appropriate decorations, props and backdrops. It seemed our Sarawak Pepper Cookbook was turning into a major Hollywood Production, as we sought suitable locations for shooting such as the exotic surroundings of the Sarawak Cultural Village and the waterfalls of the Matang River. In the interim, Chef Gerhard left Kuching to continue his culinary career elsewhere and his successor, Chef Paul Gill was introduced to this project. In his first few weeks in Kuching, Paul spent long hours cooking, testing, tasting and adjusting recipes until the final drafts were completed’.

Naturally our team is feeling excited that we could share these quintessentially peppery dishes with you. You’ll find the recipes easy to follow what with the assortment of appetizing pictures and light breezy writing style. We have opted to 'blog' the recipes as we feel that this would be a better platform for viewers to post their comments, if they have any.

We invite food enthusiasts to try out these mouth watering recipes in your own kitchens and experience what these little berries can do to add that special pepper taste to your food. If you would like to share with us the recipes that you have experimented or tell us what a difference Sarawak Pepper has made to your cooking, please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.


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